Who am I? What is my purpose and where am I going? These most fundamental questions, asked by every human being, cannot be answered by the world but only in the knowledge of the love of the God who created us. In fact, if we only know how precious we are in the eyes of God, the answers to those questions completely transform us and everything we do! But how do we get there? How do we come to a knowledge of that love and how do we apply it? Come join us on a day-long retreat for young adults (ages 18 - 38ish) as Fr. Robert Torczynski guides us through these questions with talks and some practical application with guided meditations, times for personal reflection, and group discussion. Some prayers for inner healing and Sunday Mass will be included as part of the journey. The retreat begins at 8:30 AM and finishes about 7:30 PM and includes breakfast and lunch.